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Why Silicone Wedding Ring?

Does the idea of going for a run, hitting the gym, doing the gardening or working with your hands inside surgical gloves while wearing your metal wedding ring sound like a not so good idea? Imagine being able to do all those things while wearing your wedding ring carefree. Not to mention hiking, climbing, shooting, surfing, cooking and many other activities that end in -ing. Imagine working on site, getting around safety protocols and still sporting a wedding band on your ring finger. Imagine doing all these things and more without risking your personal safety from your wedding ring catching on something and rippin’ you a new one! If you can’t imagine that… just ask Jimmy Fallon. He almost had to have his finger amputated after a freak fall where his ring caught on a countertop on the way down. Just don't Google ring avulsion. The point being that some work or outdoor activities are unsuited for wearing a precious metal wedding band or require you to remove your metal ring. Metal rings can get scuffed or scratched and even bent out of shape.


benefits of silicone wedding ring


So yeah, for all these activities and more, Swagmat has you covered. A new but growing trend for men and women everywhere is to wear silicone wedding rings in place of their precious metal rings for rugged conditions. It might be worth mentioning that in certain places it’s not always best to flash around gold or other precious metals too much. If the ‘Girl from Ipanema’ was married, we probably wouldn’t know as she was too cautious to flaunt a wedding ring around. No wonder she “She looks straight ahead – not at he”.

Anyway, bossa nova lyrics aside, there is a better way to wear a wedding ring for all these conditions and keep your precious metal wedding ring safe and your ring finger too. Men all over America and elsewhere wish to wear their wedding bands while at the gym or going for a run. Some want to wear their rings while deployed overseas serving their country. Speaking of service, some want to wear their wedding bands while performing surgery. Then there’s even some who just don’t like the glitz of gold when out and about their casual affairs. Our mens silicone wedding bands can be worn out camping, hiking, climbing, skiing, surfing, hunting, fishing, building a bird feeder, mending a fence or fighting a fire. You can wear them absolutely anywhere.




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