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Why Buy From Us?

We're Keeping Our Customer's Ring Fingers Safe and Their Wedding Rings Too


Well for starters, the silicone we make our wedding bands from is FDA medical grade. This hypoallergenic silicone won’t cause a rash or any other skin irritation caused by the material for sensitive skin.


Next what we can say is that our product offering is much more affordable while being of the highest quality compared to other offerings out there. By high quality I mean very high tensile strength so they don’t break easily, however keep in mind they are meant to break under any emergency. For example if your ring got caught on some machinery at high RPM, it will be the ring that will break off…not your finger. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a good thing. In fact that’s most of the reason people wear silicone wedding rings in the first place. But since they have been designed with a Tapered curved dome finish means they're less likely to get caught on things in the first place.


Then of course there is our crazy amazing customer service. Trouble with sizing? Want to track your order? That’s fine, we’ll replace that for you in a jiffy and/or assistant with any questions you have. Getting us through our contact form is best. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Maybe make it 48 hours for weekends or holidays. But if there is anything wrong, seriously just flick us an email and we’ll get onto it for you lickety-split!


Wow, we’re just getting warmed up here. Then of course there is the style of our rings from the molds. Clean, smooth classic design. No funny little logos or squiggles or other marks on the ring that really have nothing to do with your marriage and what the ring symbolizes in the first place. Our color range is always growing too. So there is always colors or ring widths to please everyone. If there isn’t, let us know and we might even get it listed for you and feature you in our blog. We’ll make you famous!... maybe. We’ve looked around at some other designs and they could be valuable in other ways. They could double as a washer in your kitchen faucet for example. Some of our competitors rings are too round or high off the finger.


In the header and footer of our site you may have noticed there is a link to get 10% off your first purchase. When you sign up you'll get offers for future rings, which includes different color ranges, sizes, thicknesses and designs. We're also going to offer branded custom ring pods. But their currently in development so join now by clicking on the tabs offering the 10% off discount for signing up. There are many other exclusive benefits for being a part of the Swagmat club, too many to mention and for only members to know. 


Of course it wouldn’t be much good if you loved the product and wanted to buy but we didn’t have the size you need right? So we offer any size you need. If you don’t see your size let us know and we’ll get on that. Chances are someone else needs it too.


On top of all that, last but not least, we offer standard and priority 2 day shipping with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So go for it! Buy a pack today!


Want social proof? Many of our customers, being the happy campers they are, posted their pics on Instagram. Check out our social media accounts. Click the Instagram icon - or any social media icon for that matter - in the footer to see what people are saying. Our loyal customers love our rings and service and you will too!

The Swagmat Video

Swagmat's Silicone Ring Video - Explaining the major features & benefits in a nutshell

How to Find Your Ring Size

This quick animated video explains the quickest and most accurate method to measure your ring size, with common household items.

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