Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the rings true to size?

A. Yes. We have a ring chart available on our product pages. Keep in mind that thicker band rings like the 8.7mm width will feel tighter being that there is more 'finger under the ring'. So, it could well be worth buying a 1/2 size up if your metal wedding band is already a snug fit. Otherwise, the rings are made from exact molds exactly matching jewelers sizes to the tenth of a millimeter!


Q. What if the rings I buy don't fit?

A. Let's do a deal. Take a happy snap of the ring on your finger and send it in to us. When we can see that "not-quite-right" fit, we will ship you out the size you need, standard shipping at our expense. No need to return. No need to exchange. How's that for customer service. ;)


Q. Do you have free shipping?

A. No. Not at these prices my friends. We are very competitively priced. I'm sure you would agree. Even standard shipping we would be taking a significant loss on every sale. It's just not doable, but from time to time we do promos where prices could be dropped considerably to move inventory.


Q. Do you have other colors than what is visible in your catalog?

A. No. However, we are a growing company and will announce when we launch new products. But you could always send us a color or design request at info@swagmat.com and we might just start selling those. Just for you... and the rest of the world. ;)


Q. How secure are my payments on this site?

A. Actually we haven't been asked this but just in case you're wondering, we use PayPal to process all payments. Do we need say more?


Q. I have a question not on this list. What should I do?

A. Fastest way to get your question answered is to email us at info@swagmat.com. We will typically respond within 24-48 hours.


Q. How reliable is your fulfillment and shipping?

A. We've partnered with the best online retailer in the known universe, and use their national networks of fulfillment centers. When you make your order, it is automatically submitted for processing and shipped out from a fulfilment center near you asap!


Q. My ring broke/tore... what ever shall I do?

A. Gee, I don't know. Doesn't happen unless it needed to. How about you email us at info@swagmat.com with a pic of this battle scarred ring and we can organize shipping you out some brand spanking new ones, same edition as what was damaged.


Q. I am susceptible to skin allergies, do your rings irritate the skin?

A. No they shouldn't as they are FDA certified medical grade silicone. 


Q. I have no fingers, can I still buy your products?

A. Yeah sure! Why not?... they'd make a pretty funky toe ring. Start a trend. We'll make you famous. (Disclaimer: we may or may not make you famous).


Q. I have no toes either, now what?

A. Firstly, sorry to hear that and I don't know. How about for a gift? I think this FAQ should have ended a few questions ago.