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There is a growing trend for active married couples to wear wedding bands made of silicone. Silicone wedding rings protect your hands from ring avulsion, which is a very nasty injury caused by metal rings catching on objects. This injury has the potential to remove skin and muscle leaving only bone exposed. Frequently these injuries will occur during physical activities be it exercise or manual labor, particularly when handling heavy machinery with many moving parts. However, this could even happen in any accidental fall or other mishap, just as what happened to late night TV host Jimmy Fallon who almost had to get his finger amputated as a result. So, as you can see from a safety aspect silicone rings make a lot of sense and being so affordable by comparison to your formal wedding ring, there is no reason to stop at one color. For these reasons and more we offer you these collections of our superior medical grade hypoallergenic silicone rings.

This collection in particular are for those who may have a specific color in mind, unsure about sizing or just want to experiment with the feel of silicone before going all out for a full set. Our 8.7mm rings are generally more popular with men since they are wider. The average men's wedding ring in the United States is about 6mm wide. Our 5.5mm rings are popular with women, however only slightly wider than the average women's wedding band of approximately 4mm in width. The reason these rings are wider than their precious metal ring counterparts is to increase the tensile strength of the ring so they don't break or tear from day-to-day wear. Furthermore, all our rings are branded with our logo debossed inside the rings with the rings size and our bags are branded too so you know you have the genuine Swagmat quality piece. We have a ring sizing chart on the product detail page and if any issues do arise with sizing you can rest assured we can fix that up for you with minimal hassle. So that's it! We stand by our silicone rings and our guarantee and can't wait to see you wearing them. Try one of our colorful silicone rings out for yourself or if you're feeling adventurous, purchase a 3 or 4 pack from our "Silicone Wedding Rings Sets" collection.

The Swagmat Video

Swagmat's Silicone Ring Video - Explaining the major features & benefits in a nutshell

How to Find Your Ring Size

This quick animated video explains the quickest and most accurate method to measure your ring size, with common household items.

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